I'm Brookelynn Darwin. Jane of all trades, master of...some. I love thrifting, and vintage, and home decor. I believe it's possible to live a stylish life without ruining the planet with fast fashion, and furniture that lasts a year. I DIY nearly everything, not because it's cheaper, but because I am so nitpicky and I want exactly what I want and I usually can't find exactly what I want and thus, I have to make it. 

I am also a stand up comedian, actress, and writer, and if I weren't pursuing the career that I am, I'd move to upstate New York, buy a fixer upper, and restore it to its original charm. 

I founded and sold a vintage dish rental company: Fern and Bone, which I operated out of our tiny one bedroom Toluca Lake apartment for four years. I'm so delighted to have our space back and share all of my thrifted finds and home decor with you!


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